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Our team has over 50 minority students who are eager to connect classroom knowledge with hands-on application. We will be competing in two competitions: the Finger Lakes Regional March 16-18, and New York City Regional April 7-9 in hopes of qualifying for the World Championship. The costs of robot materials, the registration fee, and running a team are high: that's why we need you! Your donation is an investment in future innovators and engineers. Please fund the components of our robot--with your generosity, our robot will come together, piece by piece!


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Fuses keep our robot safe from overdrawn electrical current, and nuts and bolts hold our robot together!


Belts and sprockets connect our gear boxes to make our wheels move, giving our robot mobility and the ability to climb rope.


Aluminum T-slots make up the skeleton of our robot, and power relays turn the air compressor on or off or opens and closes the pneumatic solenoid valves.


CIM motors, car window motors, and RS550 motors move different parts of our robot. 1800 milliamp-hour batteries bring our robot to life.


A camera tracks targets, and we use laptops to write code for the robot to act autonomously and in teleoperated mode.


The RoboRio Controller made by National Instruments is the next generation in student robotics controllers, which takes in the sensory data, processes it, and sends out commands to all of the moving parts of the robot.

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  • Make a Difference Judges Award

    Our team finished 19th out of 49 teams, and brought home the "Make a Difference" Judges Award for the way we are changing the culture in our school, community, and around the world! (PC: Scott Borden)

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  • Enyonam Anku donated - via Myles Nutifafa
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  • We are blown away by our supporters!

    We are thrilled to have surpassed 100 supporters and our goal! Thank you to everyone's generosity. We still welcome more donations to cover the cost of website and credit card fees, and would love to have your name on our robot!

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  • Meet Tinko Express

    Our 2017 robot is boxy like a steam train, designed to pick up gears and hang them on a peg, as well as climb a rope! This video shows Tinko Express scoring a gear in autonomous mode.

  • Thank you for your generosity!

    Thank you so much to all who have so generously donated to our campaign! We are busily preparing for our first competition, the Finger Lakes Regional in Rochester March 17-18! If you're in the area, please come and cheer us on!

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  • Week 6 Update!

    As we begin our final week, we have been doing intense nights of work, lasting until about 9. Our robot is gaining the ability to climb, move and a myriad of other things! We are still accepting donations, as we still are in need of some supplies.

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  • Full Steam Ahead!

    The game rules for FIRST STEAMworks were revealed yesterday! #fullsteamahead

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  • FIRST Inspires!

    Our team is featured on this video made by FIRST as they promote inclusion and diversity in STEM.

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  • Good Day New York!

    We were delighted to appear on Fox 5 News' Good Day New York this morning! We would be even more delighted if we could expand our community to include YOU! Will you fund a piece of our 2016 robot with a tax deductible donation of $5 or more?

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  • Support diversity in STEM on #GivingTuesday

    We are so excited to kick off the 2016 FIRST Robotics Competition Season soon! We've been recruiting new members through events and workshops, and look forward to building a strong team as we create a robust robot for the game, FIRST Stronghold. Will you support us in this endeavor? $5 sponsors nuts and bolts that hold our robot together. $50 can fund a motor that makes a component of our robot move. $500 gives our robot a brain! Every dollar makes a difference. Thank you for investing in our lives! (Photo from the FIRST, Inspire! gala where Harlem Knights represented diversity in STEM)

  • Season of Thanksgiving

    As we reflect back on our 11 years of existence, it is baffling to think about all of our supporters, and all the individual lives you have impacted. Thank you. Thank you for believing in us, and making it possible to achieve our dreams. #ifyoucandreamityoucanbuildit

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  • Thank you!!

    Thank you all for your support! We had a great first day of the competition. DragoKnight is doing pretty well, and we are looking forward to our two remaining qualifying matches in the morning. Thanks to you, we won the entrepreneurship award today!! We are so grateful for the part you played in making our dreams come true.

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  • Timeline 50

    $50 for 50 Power Grant™ achieved

    We are one community. Thanks to all the 50+ donors who supported our team, we just grabbed an extra $50 in matching funds through the Edco $50 for 50 Power Grant™.

    Help us earn all four Power Grants™ by sharing our team fundraising page with friends and family today.

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  • $50 for 50!

    Thank you so much to all of our generous donors! It is an incredible feeling to know there are 42 people solidly behind us who have funded the pieces of our robot, DragoKnight! In just over a week we will get to see her compete. If we can get 8 more donors, we will receive another STEM power grant. Will you help us spread the word?

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  • Timeline 100

    $100 Local Business Grant™ achieved

    An awesome local business just supported our team in a BIG way. We closed our first $500+ local business deal and earned a bonus $100 in matching funds through the Edco Local Business Grant™.

    Help us earn all four Power Grants™ by sharing our team fundraising page with friends and family today.

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  • Week One vlog: Brainstorming!

    Right after the kickoff broadcast, our team set to work with an intense brainstorming session. Since then, we have evaluated the pros and cons to our ideas, tested different prototypes, and have decided on a design. Will you help fund the pieces of our 2015 robot?

  • Carey Ma donated "Good luck at all your competitions. When you're selling candy, remember that Mr. Ma already donated . :) "
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  • Recycle Rush!

    This year's game is called Recycle Rush, and our team of 70+ minority students has been busily strategizing and prototyping designs for our 2015 robot. Will you support us by funding a piece of our robot?

  • Julia Kim donated "You guys are doing awesome work! Your community believes in you!" - via Faith Bianchi
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  • End of the Year Giving

    It's the last day of 2014! Would you remember the Harlem Knights with your tax deductible donation today?

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  • We won the Edco instagram contest!

    Check out our winning entry for the Edco instagram contest last week!

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  • Timeline 250

    $250 First Funds Power Grant™ achieved

    Our team just raised $250 with Edco and earned another $250 through the First Funds Power Grant™.

    Help us grab the next grant: $50 for 50 donors. Share this link with friends and family today.

  • Olympia Church donated
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  • Help us meet our first goal of $250

    When we raise $250, we will be awarded with a matching STEM Power Grant of $250! We're almost there, thanks to our generous supporters! Will you help us?

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  • #GivingTuesday

    It's Giving Tuesday and we are officially launching our campaign! Would you consider funding pieces of our 2015 robot while making an investment in the lives of over 40 minority students in Harlem?

  • Frederick Douglass Academy has started online fundraising!

    Our team has officially started accepting credit card donations. We need awesome team members and donors like you to share this link and tell your community why you support Frederick Douglass Academy Harlem Knights!

  • Joel Bianchi is now an admin for the Frederick Douglass Academy Harlem Knights

  • At 08:25 pm, the fundraising platform for Frederick Douglass Academy was born.